Our Inspiration

Kristopher, Ginny, and Eva at only one day old. 

Kristopher, Ginny, and Eva at only one day old. 

"Swing Baby Ink was inspired by the birth of our daughter. After learning that we were pregnant I visited a baby clothing store, excited to see the cute clothes and dream about what our child would be like. Not knowing if we were having a boy or a girl, I went to the boy's section first and found an adorable little suit with the word "Genius" printed on it. It was precious and exactly the type of positive message that I would want to convey to my child. So, I next went to the girl's section to see what the equivalent would be. Instead of clothing announcing that the little girls were geniuses, I found only messages about them being pretty little princesses. I knew that if I had a daughter she would be much more than a princess, and certainly more than just a pretty face. I wanted the "Genius" equivalent! Sure enough I had a daughter and became determined to create the clothing I so badly wished I had been able to find for her."

-Ginny Pruitt

Our Mission

Swing Baby Ink designs empowering clothing for babies and young girls. Commonly children's clothing only bestows the virtues of greatness on boys, while girls are left being told they are pretty little princesses. But girls are strong, awesome, geniuses too! So, we believe in displaying strong values on girl's clothing as well! By changing the messages we send to girls from their earliest days, we change how they view themselves and empower them to be MORE. Show the world that the girl in your life is MORE than just a pretty face

Swing Baby Ink clothing exists to inspire our future generations of strong, powerful women and tell the world to watch out, these girls are about to change it.

We also believe that your girls deserve the best. That is why we sell only 100% organic cotton clothing that is Fair Trade Certified and sweatshop free. We want you to feel good about the clothing you purchase!

We Celebrate Being "Girly"

Being a girl is not an insult. 

Throwing like a girl, running like a girl, thinking like a girl, are all compliments. Girls are strong, fast, brilliant and more!

Girls are awesome just the way they are. 

Girls don't have to act like boys, think like boys, or like the things that boys like in order to be valued. A girl can wear a pink dress while taking on the world. If you keep a girl from wearing pink you are suggesting that things that are commonly associated with being a girl are bad, and therefore being a girl is bad. We say "Nonsense!" Be you in pink or blue. Be a girl. Be extraordinary!

Gender neutrality is awesome! 

That's why when someone asks if we make anything for boys, we say "YES!" Everything we make can be worn by boys. Boys should be able to wear whatever they want, in any color. We message exclusively to girls because girls rarely see clothes that celebrate how awesome they are and need to be reminded that they are MORE than pretty little princesses.